This seminar brought together over 150 participants from 22 European countries and from 20 Russian regions — representatives of government authorities in the field of culture, representatives of EC and other international organisations, experts from EU member states, cultural attachés of the Embassies of EU countries in Moscow, representatives of cultural institutions, private foundations, agencies and other cultiral organisations from Russia and EU member countries (including Russian and European NGOs whose role is crucial in establishing sustainable long-term patterns of relations).

The full list of participants is presented below. For contact information please turn to the organisers.


  1. Stepanova Anna — Austrian Cultural Forum in Moscow, Expert


  1. Schoofs Bert — Embassy of Belgium in Moscow, Deputy Head of Mission, Minister Counsellor
  2. Zakharevitch Schira Victoria — Cecoforma SA, Administrative Secretariat for Notified Bodies Groups


  1. Angelakieva Buryana — Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Moscow, Director
  2. Kirow Bisser — Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in the Russian Federation, Counsellor on Cultural Affairs

Czech Republic

  1. Smoláková Vlasta — Embassy of Czech Republic in the Russian Federation, Director of Czech Cultural Center


  1. Bruun Sebastian — Embassy of Denmark, Expert, Culture Division
  2. Simonova Galina — Embassy of Denmark in Moscow, Cultural Adviser


  1. Kokovkin Toomas — NCO «Archipelaag», Member of Governing Board
  2. Tedre Helene — Estonian Embassy in Moscow, Counsellor of Culture Affairs


  1. Andersen Finn — EUNIC, President
  2. Athanasopoulou Anna — Directorate-General for Education and Culture of the European Commission, Policy Officer, Unit of Culture Policy and Intercultural Dialogue
  3. Chaplinskaya Valentina Rimovna — EU-Russia Cooperation Programme, European Union Delegation to Russia, Project Officer, Operations Section
  4. Claeye Etienne — European Union Delegation to Russia, Head of the Operations Section
  5. Gomez Jose Antonio — European Union Delegation to Russia, Head of Utilities and Sectoral Reforms, Infrastructures and Nuclear Safety Operation Section
  6. Torni Jyrki — European Commission, EuropeAid Co-operation Office, International Cooperation Officer
  7. Truszczynski Jan — Directorate-General Education and Culture of the European Commission, Deputy Director General
  8. Valenzuela Fernando M., Ambassador — European Union Delegation to Russia, Head
  9. Webb Michael — European Union Delegation to Russia, Deputy Head
  10. Zabrodotskaya Natalia - European Union Delegation to Russia, EU-Russia Cooperation Programme, Project Officer


  1. Auitio-Meloni Helena — Finnish Theatre Information Centre, Program Manager
  2. Kattelus Rita — Embassy of Finland in Moscow, Counsellor (Culture), Press and Cultural Section
  3. Lummepuro Maja — Ministry of Education of Finland, Counsellor for Cultural Affairs, Arts Division, Department for Cultural, Sport and Youth Policy
  4. Ojala Anneli — Institute for Russia and Eastern Europe, Project Office Manager


  1. Brunet Pascal — Relais Culture Europe, Director
  2. Duffaud Fabrice — Union REMPART, Head of International Relations Department
  3. Jambon Dominique, French Cultural Centre in Moscow, Нead
  4. Pagel-Brousse Marie Georges — Union REMPART, Vice-President


  1. Bauermeister Christiane — Schloss Neuhardenberg Foundation, Project Manager
  2. Diehl Volker — Galerie Volker Diehl
  3. Ebert Johannes — Goethe-Institute Moscow, Director; Representative of EUNIC Cluster in Russia
  4. Endter Stephanie Beate — MitOst e. v. , Project Coordinator
  5. Iro Wolf — Goethe-Institute Moscow, Head of Culture Programs Department
  6. Steinbrecher Christina — Sputnik Art Foundation, Director


  1. Nagy Istvan — Embassy of the Republic of Hungary in Moscow, Counselor on Culture; Hungarian Cultural, Scientific and Information Centre, Director


  1. Antognozzi Ivan — SVIM — Sviluppo Marche SpA, Project Manager
  2. Di Mauro Alberto — Embassy of Italy, Counselor for Cultural Affairs; Italian Cultural Institute, Director
  3. Ronchi Alfredo — Politecnico di Milano, Professor


  1. Kovale Karina — Embassy of Latvia in Moscow Second Secretary, Press Secretary


  1. Agintaite Kristina — Lithuanian Institute, Acting Director


  1. van Immerzeel-Kharitonova Yelena — Caravancultura Artagency, founder
  2. Kouwenaar Thymen A. — Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Moscow, Head of Educational and Cultural Affairs Section


  1. Szniak-Galewska Malgorzata — Embassy of the Republic of Poland in the Russian Federation, Counsellor on Culture


  1. Berza Maria — Europa Nostra, Council Member; Pro Patrimonio Foundation, Vice-President
  2. Berza Ion-Tudor — European Geological Union, Professor


  1. Adjoubei Svetlana — Academia Rossica (London — Moscow), Director
  2. Alekseeva Irina Borisovna — State Historical Museum, Deputy Director on Cultural and Educational Affairs
  3. Alyavdin Vissarion Igorevich — National Fund for the Rebirth of the Russian Country Estate, President
  4. Andreeva Galina Borisovna — Russian Committee of International Council of Museums, Executive Director
  5. Babkov Vladimir Alexandrovich — Journal «Art Manager», Editor-in-Chief
  6. Barannikov Alexander Vasilyevich — Committee on Culture and Art of the Government of Murmansk Region, Deputy Head
  7. Bardoon Joulia Yuryevna — Agency for Support of Cultural Initiatives «TRANSIT»; Kaliningrad Branch of the State Centre of Modern Art, Deputy Director
  8. Brakker Nadezda Viktorovna — Centre on the Problems of Informatisation in the sphere of Culture (Centre PIC), Senior Specialist
  9. Brook Julia — Autonomous Non-Commercial Organisation «Directorate of Theater and Concert Programs», Director
  10. Budarina Anna Anatolyevna — State Committee on Culture of Pskov Region, Deputy Chairman
  11. Busygin Andrey Evgenyevich — Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation
  12. Cherkalin Sergey Dmitrievich — Rybinsk State Historical, Architecture and Art Memorial Estate, Director
  13. Chernenkov Kirill Grigoryevich — Federal Archive Agency, Head of International Relations Department
  14. Demidyuk Natalya Aleksandrovna — Information Society Journal, Reporter
  15. Denisova Olga Leonidovna - French Editorial Office "Voice of Russia", correspondent
  16. Devyatkina Tamara Vladimirovna — Government of Ulyanovsk Region, Deputy Chairman of Gevernment
  17. Dikova Natalya Lyvovna — Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Deputy Head of Europe, Asia, Africa and America Division
  18. Dobrynin Andrey Petrovich — RusChudo CJSC; «Wonders of Russia from a Bird’s-Eye View» Project Manager
  19. Dondurey Daniil Borisovich — Art of the Cinema Magazine, Editor-in-Chief; Member of Russian TV Academy; Member of the Council on Culture and Art at the President of the Russian Federation
  20. Donova Darya Alexandrovna — Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Councillor of the Department of Contemporary Arts and International Cultural Relations
  21. Drapeko Elena Grigoryevna — State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, First Deputy Chairman of Committee on Culture
  22. Elizarova Rimma Uzbekovna — National Library of the Republic of Tatarstan, Deputy Director
  23. Ershova Tatiana Viktorovna — Institute of the Information Society, General Director; Expert and Consulting Group of the Presidential Council for the Development of the Information Society in Russia (Direction «ICT Use in Culture and System of Cultural and Humanitarian Education»), Head of Expert Section on Creation of Electronic Libraries, Museums and Archives, as well as Production and Dissemination of Cinema Production
  24. Fokina Elizaveta — Assosiation of Managers in the field of Culture, Executive Director
  25. Gnedovskiy Afanasiy Mikhaylovich — Executive Directorate of the Russian Committee, International Museums Council, International Relations Specialist
  26. Gnedovskiy Mikhail Borisovich — Institute of Cultural Policy, Director
  27. Gor Anna Markovna — Cultural Capital of Volga Region Project Manager; Nizhniy Novgorod Branch, State Centre of Modern Art of the Russian Federation, Director
  28. Gorelova Tatiana Vasilyevna — Administration of Lipetsk Region, Head of Department of Culture and Art
  29. Gorozhanova Marina Vyacheslavovna — Committee on Culture and Tourism of Ryazan Region, Head of Division of Popularization of Cultural Heritage
  30. Gramolina Larisa Vasilyevna — State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Assistant to the Chairman of Committee on Culture
  31. Grigoryeva Anna Sergeevna — Legain CJSC, Editor
  32. Grusman Vladimir Moiseevich — Russian Ethnographic Museum, Director; Professor
  33. Gubina Irina Viktorovna — Committee on Culture of Arkhangelsk Region, Deputy Chairman of the Committee
  34. Hohlov Yuri Evgenyevich — Institute of the Information Society, Chairman of the Board of Directors; Expert and Consulting Group of the Presidential Council for the Development of the Information Society in Russia, Deputy Chairman
  35. Igumnova Tamara Grigoryevna — State Historical Museum, Deputy Director
  36. Ilyinskaya Alyona Viktorovna — RusChudo CJSC, Public Relations Specialist
  37. Ionov Boris Victorovich — Federal Agency for CIS Affairs, Nationals Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Affairs, Deputy Head of Department
  38. Kalyagina Irina Evgenyevna — Ministry of Culture of Samara Region, Deputy Minister
  39. Kazantsev Sergey Alexandrovich — Presidential Speechwriter’s Office, Deputy Head of the Department of Humanitarian Cooperation
  40. Kistrina Maria Sergeevna — Committee on Culture and Tourism of Ryazan Region, Leading Specialist of the Organisational and HR Management Department
  41. Kochelyaeva Nina Alexandrovna — Russian Institute for Cultural Research, Academic Secretary
  42. Kolchurina Svetlana — Institute of Civil Activity, European Accents in Perm Project, Project Officer
  43. Kopyova Maria Konstantinovna — Russian New University, Student
  44. Kopyova Olga Valentinovna — Institute of the Information Society, Manager
  45. Korzhova Svetlana Ivanovna — Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Department of Pan-European Cooperation
  46. Krasil’nikova Tatyana Dmitrievna — Institute of the Information Society, Office Manager
  47. Kutsenko Elena Vladimirovna — Ministry of Culture of Moscow Region, Head of Department on Protection and Popularization of Culture Heritage
  48. Kuybyshev Leonid Abramovich — Centre on the Problems of Informatisation in the sphere of Culture (Centre PIC), Director General; Honored Worker of Culture of Russia
  49. Lebedev Aleksey Valentinovich — Russian Institute of Culturology, Head of Laboratory of Museum Designing, Doctor of Art History
  50. Lebedeva Lyudmila Fedorovna — Center of Social-Economic Researches and Projects, Institute of USA and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Head
  51. Lizakova Roza Mikhailovna — Minister of Culture, Nationality Affairs, Information Policy and Archives of the Chuvash Republic
  52. Lukianova Zoya — Institute of Civil Activity, Director General; European Accents in Perm Project, Project Coordinator
  53. Markina Lyudmila Alekseevna — State Tretyakov Gallery; Honoured Worker in the field of Culture, Doctor of Art Criticism
  54. Markina Irina Alexandrovna — Non-Commercial Partnership «Heritage without Borders», Chairman of the Board
  55. Medkova Marina Tomovna — Theatre Union of Russia, Head of International Department
  56. Melcumyan Karina Simonovna — Russian New University, Student
  57. Mindlin Mikhail Borisovich — National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Director General
  58. Mozgovoi Dmitry Alexandrovich — Central Office of the Theatre Union of Russia, Chief of Organizational and Creative Department
  59. Nazaretyan Maria Andreevna — Interros, Specialist
  60. Novokhat’ko Kseniya Igorevna — International Museums Council, Directorate of the Russian Committee, Public Relations Specialist
  61. Odintsova Alexandra — Perm State University, Head of Club «Friendship of Continents»
  62. Oinas Dmitriy Borisovich — National Fund for the Rebirth of the Russian Country Estate, Vice-President
  63. Osipenko Dmitry Alexandrovich — Central Office of the Theatre Union of Russia, International Department, Chief Expert
  64. Perevezentseva Olga — Theatre Union of the Russian Federation, International Department, Editor of the «Russian Theatre Life in Brief»
  65. Philippova Galina Vasilyevna — Society of Arts Encouragement Foundation, Director
  66. Pilipenko Lyudmila Dmitrievna — Institute of the Information Society, Chief Accountant
  67. Popov Vitaliy Yuryevich — Committee on Culture and Tourism of Ryazan Region, Head of Division for Coordination Activities of Culture and Art Organizations
  68. Prozorov Alexander Semenovich — Administration of Izhevsk City, Deputy Head
  69. Prudnikova Alisa Yuryevna — National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Ekaterinburg Branch, Director
  70. Razlogov Kirill Emilyevich — Russian Institute of Art History, Director; Doctor of Art Criticism; Professor; Honored Arts Worker of Russia; Member of Scientific Council of Russian Academy of Science «History of World Сulture»
  71. Rekunova Natalya Viktorovna — Ministry of Culture and Public Relation of the Republic of Karelia, Head of Division on Projects Implementation, International and Interregional Relations
  72. Reznikova Olga Vitalyevna — Institute of the Information Society, Deputy General Director
  73. Rizmanova Louisa Musul’manovna — Institute of the Information Society, Head of Department of International Cooperation and Public Relations
  74. Ryzhenkov Mikhail Rafailovich — Russian State Archive of Ancient Documents, Director
  75. Safronova Elena Nikolaevna — Department of Culture and Archive Affairs of Ulyanovsk Region, Deputy Director; Counsellor on Culture of the Governor of Ulyanovsk Region
  76. Selezneva Ekaterina Leonidovna — Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Department of Modern Art and International Cultural Relations, Deputy Director, Honored Arts Worker of Russia
  77. Seliverstova Svetlana Vladimirovna — Institute of the Far East, Postgraduate Student
  78. Shatkovskaya Alexandra — National Park «Kenozersky», Head of Development Division; International Festival «KenArt — European Cultural Bridge», Project Coordinator
  79. Shcherbakova Irina Vladimirovna — National Fund for the Rebirth of the Russian Country Estate, Expert
  80. Shevtsova Irina Nikolaevna — Ministry of Culture of Saratov Region
  81. Shtukin Alexey Victorovich — State Memorial and Natural Reserve «Museum-Estate of Lev Tolstoy «Yasnaya Polyana», Head of Mass Events Division
  82. Shvydkoy Mikhail Efimovich — Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation; Special Envoy of the President of the Russian Federation on International Cultural Cooperation; Professor
  83. Sizova Elena Alekseevna — State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Head of Management of the Committee on Culture
  84. Solonina Darya Aleksandrovna — Russian New University, Student
  85. Sorokina Larisa Yuryevna — Government of Yaroslavl Region, Director of Department of Culture
  86. Stepanenko Maria Evgenyevna — Goethe-Institute Moscow, Cultural Program Division, Officer
  87. Sukhacheva Aleksandra Vladimirovna — Institute of the Information Society, Chief of the Organisational Department
  88. Sukhman Tatyana Petrovna — Member of Russian Branch of ICOMOS, Expert; Art Historian
  89. Tereshina Natalya Arkadyevna — Ministry of Culture of Saratov Region, First Deputy Minister
  90. Trubochkin Dmitriy Vladimirovich — State Institute of Art Studies, Director; Doctor of Art History
  91. Trushina Ekaterina Anatolyevna — Russian New University, Student
  92. Tupyseva Elena Mikhailovna — Dance Agency «TSEKH», Director
  93. Velikeeva Venera Narimanovna, Russian New University, Student
  94. Volkova Ekaterina — Autonomous Non-Commercial Organisation «Directorate of Theater and Concert Programs», Deputy Director
  95. Vol’nova Vera Pavlovna — Non-Commercial Partnership «Heritage without Borders»
  96. Voynova Elena Draganovna — Committee on Culture of Saint-Petersburg, Leading Specialist, Sector of International Relations
  97. Zelentsova Elena Valentinovna — Creative Industries Agency, Director; Academy of National Economy at the Government of Russian Federation, Deputy Head of Chair on Development of Territories; Moscow High School of Social and Economic Sciences, Head of Special Subject «Creative Industries»
  98. Zheldina Zoya Vladimirovna — Administration of Leningrad Region, First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Culture
  99. Zheleznov Aleksei Anatolyevich — Department of Culture of Tver Region, Deputy Head of Department


  1. Ilic Milica — International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts (IETM), Head of Administration and Communication
  2. Subotic Irina — Europa Nostra, Board Member & Europa Nostra Serbia President


  1. Belova Svetlana — NCO «Machaon International», Executive Director


  1. Pecan Tjasa — Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in the Russian Federation, Second Secretary
  2. Praznik Katja — Društvo Asociacija, Vice President


  1. Erson Pia — Ministry of Culture, Director of the Department on International Cooperation
  2. Jonson Lena — Embassy of Sweden in Russia, Counsellor for Cultural Affairs


  1. Addison Ruth — Triumph Gallery
  2. Burtenshaw Alistair John — The London Book Fair, Group Exhibition Director
  3. Hilhorst Rosemary, British Council Russia, Cultural Counsellor of the British Embassy
  4. Shaw Deborah — Royal Shakespeare Company, Associate Director; World Shakespeare Festival (London 2012), Director